Thursday, July 28, 2011

Free Media Player with Full Aero Glass Support for Windows XP, Vista and 7

Now its turn of another cool media player. "Mirro Player" is a free media player created by AskVG's DA group member "dncube". This media player supports almost all basic media functions like play, pause, stop, volume adjustments, shuffle, etc.

The best things of this media player is its UI. It looks awesome as you can see in following screenshot:
It can be used in Windows XP, Vista and 7.
The Aero glass effects and animations will definitely attract customization lovers. It also provides Auto playlist save feature.

You can download it using following link:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Connecting your Mobile to Pc for internet access on your subscribed gprs plan.

Hi friends! I am Yash Lodha. I am here to solve the difficulties you face regarding connecting your mobile phone to PC for accessing internet for free. Follow the steps.
Note:Internet cannot be accessed using china mobile because they dont give the modem option. In case if your china cell gives options like use as modem then you are lucky you can go ahead.

1) Please Please install the software or pc suite you get along with your Cell phone ( most probably you get it when you purchase samsung nokia or sony erricson phones)

(optional step):take the handset in your palm. go to setting menu >> select connectivity >> pc connection >> pc suite/ modem . (there are different menus with regard to different cell phones you can find connectivity menu by reading the user manual.

2)connect your cellphone via USB cable to your PC. Make sure you get a popup on the taskbar (where clock is shown) that USB device is connected. wait 1-2 mins while it setup your phone for the very first time. after that it should show modem found.

3)Now in your pc go to control panel >> Network connection >> create a new connection (probably on left side panel called "Network Task")

A dialogue box will appear for the setup click next >> connect to Internet >> setup connection manually >> connect using dial up modem

After that it will ask for ISP name. You can enter your mobile service provider or any name.

4) enter the phone number *99***1# Now everything had done. just go on clicking next. Leave all the fields like username password blank. add a shortcut to desktop.

But it will not connect directly again you have to do more setup.

5)go to start >> right click on my computer >> properties >> Click the hardware tab >> Device manager >> a window will open of title "Device manager" >> expand the modem option. >> select your phone modem right click >> properties >> Advance tab >> extra initial commands >>
type there the following:
+cgdcont=1,"IP","your APN"

Example if you are using Airtel sim:
+cgdcont=1,"IP","" Now press OK button. And this is how the setup is completed.

6)simply double click the "connect to "icon. and press dial.
Now you are ready to access inter net on your pc. Thank You.
_Yash Lodha
if you are facing any difficulties call me on 8600554855.

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